About Me


My name is Michael Herbert, Attorney-at-Law, and I primarily focus on automobile accidents.

The occurrence of an automobile accident is every driver’s worst nightmare. No matter how responsible you are, every time you get into your car and drive off onto the road, you are at risk of getting tangled into a vehicular accident and get injured in the process.

The good news is, you can be prepared for such incidents. This is where I can help you the most.

At Accident Compensation 4 U, I will be providing legal advice, so you can arm yourself with the knowledge of your legal rights as the victim of an automobile accident.

In the rare case that you are the cause of the automobile accident, I’m also here to provide legal advice.

I also offer free consultation to all of my readers that you might want to take advantage of. Nothing is too big or too small of a concern that I can’t help with.

Should you decide to take me up on my offer of free legal advice, I invite you to check out my posts. If there is anything you wish to clarify or need further consultation on, you can contact me through the email and phone number provided in my contact page.

Drive safely and have a nice day!