Top 3 Car Accident Factors that Affect Settlement Claims

You suddenly found yourself involved in a car accident that caused you harm.

Your plan is to file an insurance claim to receive compensation. Sounds like a good plan!

You then find yourself asking – how much compensation would you receive? Would it be enough to cover your medical bills, car repair bills, and even unpaid salary due to time off from work? Will it include the emotional pain and suffering that I am experiencing?

Worry no longer! To give you a better idea on the amount of potential compensation you can receive, here’s a list of the top 3 factors that can affect your claim due to a car accident injury:

Cost of Current Damage

The cost of current damage factor is the easiest to prove. These will include:

Incurred medical bills due to the car accident;

Unpaid salary due to time off from work while recuperating; and

Damage to property (degree of damage to your car).

Estimated Cost of Future Damage

The estimated cost of future damage factor can be a bit difficult to prove since it is basically an estimation for your expected expenses. These will include:

Future medical bills during recuperation; and

Unpaid salary due to additional time off from work if an extended recuperation period is needed.

I would recommend asking for an expert’s assistance, so you get a fair estimation of future expense costs.

Emotional Injury or Non-Economic Damage

The emotional injury or non-economic damage factor would probably be the hardest among these 3 factors.

Aside from physical injury, the victim would also experience a degree of pain and suffering, which are identified as emotional injury.

Realistically, you can’t put a price on pain and suffering. However, it can and will affect your quality of life. In this case,  your best option would be to seek assistance from an expert who is well-versed on this type of injury.

Overall, it would always be a good plan to hire a car accident lawyer to guarantee that you get the correct settlement amount.

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